Welcome. We are KARPA.

We make yummy, organic, local, seasonal food. You may wake us up in the middle of the night to hold us accountable for our 5 Karpa promises:


We welcome you at one of our 'Kanteens' to gather together and enjoy each others company and some good nutritious food. From the rich soil of our own allotment or brought in by carefully selected collabs. Also you can bring our Karpa Good-to-go with you on your daily adventures.

By choosing Karpa you take good care of your tummy. Your energy. And of our Mumma Earth.
She says hi.

Karpa. Good soil, good food, good people


– Veggie –
of the Month


Hi, Im Green Pea!

I’m one of the spring vegetables that comes up as soon as the first wild forest plants and leeks start to grow.
Young and sweet, I’m the candy of the kitchen.
Try me with goat cheese and mint and you’ll be amazed!


Our Kanteens

Kanteens are Karpa places where we gather together to enjoy good food from good soil in order to nourish good people for even greater days.

Cape Karpa @ Pharos, Mercuriusplein 1, Hoofddorp